Tokina to ship AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX
Tokina has announced it will be shipping the AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX lens from April 2013 in Nikon mount, and June 2013 for the Canon version.  Announced at the CP+ 2013 tradeshow, the lens is a replacement for the
company's existing 12-24mm F4 wideangle zoom for APS-C cameras. But rather than making the lens wider to match its competitors, Tokina has chosen to extend it further into the 'normal' range, to give an 18-42mm
equivalent zoom. The Japanese RRP of ¥90,000 is the same as that for the existing AT-X Pro DX 12-24mm F4
II lens.

Tokina宣布AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX Nikon版將於2013 4月開始出貨,Canon版則是6月。
在今年CP+發表的這支鏡頭,是Tokina現有的APS-C 12-24mm F4 廣角鏡的接替者。
預計售價和現存的AT-X Pro DX 12-24mm F4皆同為¥90,000。

Tokina to ship AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX

AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX

焦段: 12-28mm

視角: 99.4° - 54.7°

最大光圈: F4

最小光圈: F22

最大格式: APS-C / DX

鏡片構成: 14 枚 / 12 groups

最近對焦距離: 0.25m

最大放大倍率: 0.20x

濾鏡口徑: 77mm

大小: 直徑84mm  x 長90.2mm

重量: 600g


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